Guided Selling

Guided Selling stands for a process which supports potential customers of products or services during the whole buying decision process. Guided Selling is a tool for product advice and product search, and actively leads your prospect customers towards a buying decision. Guided Selling software hence is ideal for a variety of product and services.

Guided Selling software and systems quickly and easily bring together customers and their ideal choices according to their needs and allow an educated buying decision. Website owners offer a Guided Selling Tool that improves customer services and teaches the customer about the available product range and product features. This Guided Selling technology enables customers to learn about the available products and help them choose.

An Online Product Guide is a Guided Selling System, which is created for a certain product category that is integrated in a webpage as a search and product advice and product finder tool.

More information:

Application areas of Guided Selling solutions are:

  • Online shops, manufacturer and brand websites or webpages of service providers. A Guided Selling System analyses buying needs, calculates product recommendations and provides convincing buying arguments according to the shoppers needs.
  • Mobile phones such as iPhones and other smartphones. Mobile phones are especially interesting, because monile users are particular willing to buy online and desire different channels for their shopping experience.
  • Instore terminals in local stores to support customers´ product choices
  • Callcenter agents use Guided Selling Solutions to offer high quality services and processes also in telesales. That leads to a direct buying decision although you have a huge range of products.