Emotional Shopping

Purchasing decisions are complex psychological transactions. These decisions are not purely rational considerations. Customers are also inspired by emotions, which can be triggered by the presentation of the products. With an emotional shopping strategy online shops try to improve the emotional appeal of its products and to trigger the buying decisions on an emotional level.

Traditional online shops use a plain surface and product search, trying convince customers to purchase with lists or product characteristics on a rational basis. Trendsetting online shops use emotional shopping technologies to stimulate customers emotionally and trigger a positive feeling connected to the product.

The product world in online shops should be ideally presented in a real online Shopping Experience. part of this Shopping experience is an attractive presentation of the products, easily accessibly advices and an intelligent reasoning that explains why this product matches the customers needs. Therefore, it is important to optimize the product presentation, including the texts, in order to lead the customers actively through the existing product range. Direct filtering as well as nested category trees are leading to dead ends for the product searches and empty result list, thus should be avoided.

An interactive Product Guide uses product recommendations to leads customers, independent of the prior knowledge, to products matching their needs. Other methods of Emotional Shopping are usability optimization, content optimization, web analysis, the use of mood images, videos and feature glossaries.