A Configurator or Product Configurator is a software tool, which offers the user to configurate a basic product according to existing variations and available special equipment.

Configurators are often used for modular product structures. The user can choose between several different and modifiable properties of one basic product. As example serve automobile configurators. These configurators can calculate the prices of the different properties, show the selected options visually and determine if all options are matching without conflict.

Product Guides differ from Product Configuratos because they advise the customers about the attributes of the product and provide specific recommendations according to the customers needs. This way Product Guides enable the customers to choose between different products, while the Configurator is usually used to enable the customer to choose between several variations of one basic product.

Online Product Guides can combine the services of a Product Configurator and the advice in the Guided Selling process. The Product Guide can display the variations of attributes and advise the customers about the differences. This is often an advantage because its additional guidance helps customer to understand which attributes match their needs.