Landing Pages and
Marketing / SEO Concept
for excentos Product Guides

Introduction and Goals

There are many ways how to drive traffic into your Product Guides and make marketing and SEO for them.
This docu shows best practices to optimize linking and conversion. If done intelligently,
our tips will not only increase the Product Guide traffic, but also support your website's overall findability,
SEO effects and even increase your search engine rank.


More Traffic in
your Product Guides

optimize the ways to get in there



users that need help easily find it


More Traffic in
your Website

use Product Guide content for SEO

Summary: Best Practices, Do's and Dont's


Learn from excentos Best Practices

  • provide as many links and banners as possible
  • create top-level URLs with relevant keywords, e.g.
  • integrate relevant keywords into all banners/links and integration/landing pages that are relevant for your target group
  • develop a good landing page and findability concept. Discuss it with your online marketing team. Make sure they continue integrating the Product Guides in future landing pages / campaigns


Avoid Drop-Outs and Too Few Traffic

  • don't make the clickpath too complex. Avoid unnecessary steps, e.g. webpages or additional buttons between a banner and the Product Guide. Make sure if the the user clicks on e.g. "Product Guide", the Product Guide starts right away
  • avoid poor linkage, e.g. only small text links, links hidden below images, links with poor contrast, links that don't have a clear call-to-action
  • eliminate wrong keywords that correspond to your organization's habits rather than your customer's search behaviour

Check if excentos knows what we speak about:
Open Google and search "Drucker Produktberater" and find our Brother reference on top Google position.