enhances Customer Service with Online Product Advice

Selecting the Right Set of Tires has Become Easy.

Potsdam, 18th April 2019., one of Germany's biggest tire retailers with 37 locations all over the country, brings customer service and customer engagement to a new level.

Guided Selling Solution

With a Product Finder for tires, provides online advice and product recommendations on a 24/7 base. This approach not only enables to boost conversion but also improves its customer service and customer engagement.

Dynamic Question Flow

The dynamic question flow of the Tire Finder offers experts and first-timers alike matching product recommendations. The Product Finder leads the customers through several phases with questions to the ideal tire set as product recommendation. The number of questions is adjusted automatically according to the customer's knowledge and needs.

Providing Personalized Advice

During the entire process, customers receive information about the questions and the product attributes they choose. Thus, the process provides customers with advice and answers to questions that are important to them individually. For example, explaining the influence of different tires upon the fuel efficiency of the car, etc.

Product Recommendation

Thanks to the clear specifications and choices of the customer himself, the product recommendations in the result list are ideal fits to the customer's needs. The provided advice increases the customer's confidence in the product recommendation and buying decision.

Built with the excentos Workbench built the Tire Finder in the excentos Workbench in close cooperation with the excentos concept team. The tool allows to fully build and configure Product Finders in self-service.

Test the Tire Finder

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