Selecting the right terrace has become easy thanks to Guided Selling

Discover the perfect terrace decking with Terralis' new Terrace Guide

Potsdam, 06. June 2017. excentos develops the new Terrace Guide for Terralis, a private brand of Saint-Gobain, and convinces users with high-quality online advice for complex terrace projects.

The Terrace Guide with know-how

In order to find the right terrace decking for your perfect terrace, which meets all the requirements, you have to consider more than a few complex criteria. Therefore, Terralis offers its customers the new Terrace Guide, developed by excentos, to lead their shoppers with extensive online advice to the right terrace decking.

Terralis' Terrace Guide impresses with its fresh and modern design and its easy navigation that enables the customers to receive their recommendation in only a few clicks.

The interactive and flexible question flow allows Terralis' customers to choose the focus of the online advice themselves. This way the process is tailored to the customer's needs and offers advice exactly for the topics that interest the customer, from style to color, to the substrate and ground conditions to the material. The detailed advice enables every customer, if craftsmen or private customer, to make the right buying decision.

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